About Us

Advanced Alternative Energy Technologies (AAET) is owned by a group of Louisianians that have decades of experience in Energy Generation and conservation principles. All of the parent companies are 8A qualified by the Federal Government and registered with SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration).

AAET was created to help drive the transition from traditional fuel sources to renewable energy by using the best technology available to capture the largest source of power available on the planet, the Sun, to provide clean and reliable power. We represent some of the world's most prominent alternative energy manufacturers, and developers. AAET provides turn-key solutions that save money, create marketable businesses, and save the environment. We believe that renewable energy is becoming a necessity due to the continually increasing costs of fossil energy. Such installations also promote a brand or image, and are necessary for a long term sustainable business. This progression toward sustainable energy sources will help us secure a safer and sustainable energy future for our families, our communities, and future generations.

As a total alternative energy systems company we specialize in renewable energy resources from the Sun, Wind and Water as well as numerous energy conservation initiatives. We are here to provide total turn-key solutions for every project.