The principles have the following specialties on projects across the globe, and ranging from $500K to $100 million per project.

  • Commercial and Government Construction
  • Commercial and Government Construction
  • Architecture and Engineering for Commercial and Government clients

AAET's staff and partners have come together to create a company that is much greater than the sum of the parts. This is our approach to each project. By looking at how buildings or facilities as a whole use energy we can identify the "solutions" that will have the largest impact on savings over the long term. Our team of experts can analyze energy usage data and energy cost trends to calculate accurate payback periods and ROI's.

This approach makes for a straight-forward decision from our clients. You let us know what paybacks and solutions are acceptable based on our in depth analysis. These are the solutions that we will implement first. Overtime we will monitor market trends and watch for the point when a solution becomes a sound business decision by your parameters. We will let you know if a critical point has been reached and what wasn't fiscally responsible before suddenly is.

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