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Most traditional energy sources-oil, natural gas or coal-are either difficult to extract, available only in a limited supply, and produce Carbon Monoxide. Our planet is feeling the burden of this, and we need to start the transition process now. Advanced Alternative Energy is using Technology to harness the power of renewable energy sources, such as the Sun, water and wind, to help build a secure, safer, and cleaner, future for ourselves, our families and future generations.

The United States was the world leader in photovoltaic technologies. Unfortunately the US has not lead in the transition from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy. Fortunately, we are catching up fast and hope to surpass most developed nations in the near future. The US Federal Government and most State Governments have recognized this need and provide tax incentives and grants as a catalyst for the market. These incentives and improvements in manufacturing have driven prices down significantly.

AAET is empowering communities towards a sustainable future by offering complete energy solutions and cutting edge technology. The planet has limited oil and coal, and nobody wants a nuclear reactor or its waste in their backyard, but nature's abundant sunshine, water and wind will be around for a long time. Small and large scale renewable energy generation makes sense. It is environmentally responsible, safe, and affordable.


  • Provides access to affordable renewable energy solutions
  • Provides the technology and knowledge of how to best manage their energy usage
  • Organizes and facilitates emission free energy projects, delivering ongoing benefits to their participants
  • Helps property managers and institutions develop and meet long term sustainability goals