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Solar Power is using the energy of the sun instead of fossil fuels. More specifically AAET specializes in photovoltaic solar. Photovoltaic solar (PV) is converting sunlight directly in electricity. PV can provide clean, reliable, energy without consuming any fossil fuels and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

When you picture a solar panel what your are imagining is actually a series of photovoltaic cells.

When sunlight strikes the surface of the solar cells, it causes an electrical current between the two layers of silicone inside of the cell. This electrical field provides momentum and direction to light-stimulated electrons, resulting in a flow of current when the solar cells are connected to an electrical load. This electrical load could be a house, the utility grid or batteries.

Advanced Alternative Energy Technologies (AAET) is here to design and engineer a solar system that is right for your facility. We only use commercial grade solar panels and components. Solar panels of many grades are available. A reliable solar system should be durable and produce power for 40+ years. Selection of commericla grade panals ensures this.


  1. Grid-Tied Solar Energy System - Grid connected solar energy systems tie directly into the current power grid. Most of our clients will use a system that will work this way.

    Grid-Tied features:

    • Uses the power grid for your solar energy storage through net-metering
    • Net-metering stores your solar energy taken in during the day and rolls your electric meter backwards Then at night or on cloudy days, it takes the energy from the grid and rolls your electric meter forward
    • You won't have to worry about keeping your battery bank charged if you have a spell of rainy days.
    • Some electric companies are actually willing to pay you for any energy you have put into the grid that you don't use.
  2. Battery Bank - A group of batteries wired together, designed to endure the energy storage and consumption necessary for daily life, or to operate only during emergency situations.

    Battery Bank features:

    • Complete Grid Autonomy, storms, power outages, lousy drivers hitting power poles; none of that matters with a battery system designed by AAET.
    • Feedback of all home energy consumption and displays your solar panel system's performance and status
    • A battery system can be used as an off-grid solution, or as a backup system to the grid connected power.

    Solar Power is...

    • Safe
    • Clean
    • Efficient
    • Renewable
    • Readily Available
    • The Most Abundant Resource on The Planet

Solar Tax Credit Opportunity Overview

  1. State Tax Credits vary greatly
    (For full tax incentives or incentives in your area visit www.dsireusa.org)

    • May apply to residential, apartment, or commercial projects.
    • Covers solar hot water and solar electric systems
    • Credits vary from 20 - 50%.
    • Can be treated as an overpayment in most states.
    • In Louisiana it has no expiration date set (Could expire at any time, so act fast!)
    • For state specific information please contact us or visit www.dsireusa.org
  2. Federal Tax Credits


    • Covers solar hot water and solar electric systems.
    • 30% tax credit unlimited.
    • Unused credit can be carried forward.
    • Limited to one solar hot water and one solar electric credit in any tax year.
    • Currently set to expire on December 31, 2016 (Authority)


    • Covers solar hot water and solar electric.
    • 30% tax credit unlimited.
    • Tax credit basis can be increased by developmental costs.
    • Unused credit can be carried forward.
    • Accelerated 5-year depreciation on 85% of tax credit basis.
    • Currently set to expire on December 31, 2016. (Authority)
Tax incentives are complicated and subject to change without notice. We do our best to keep this information up-to-date. We are not tax experts, (we are energy experts though) and cannot guarantee the accuracy of these credits. We recommend consulting a tax professional to validate incentive availability and eligibility.